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Immediate correction of post trauma gluteal atrophy after long time dorsal decubitus .Only Endopeel 1 session has been done. Resulst after 30 min

3D Isovolumetric Gluteus Muscle Repositioning using Endopeel. Result is immediate, 30 min after, using just 10 ml.

endopeel female mexican gluteoplasty

Endopeel Gluteoplasty for Mexican Female

Latinisation + Intergluteal Area widening

Intergluteal Area as Supero Internal Angle of Jeans Pockets are projected.
Banana Fold sulcus as Infra Gluteal Area are lifted.
Discrete external Latinisation.

endopeel gluteoplasty for young mexican woman

More Details can be seen on Movie

video 10 min english annotations

Bottom Gay Butts -Not Sporty Guy -40y

result on left butt treated, 30 min after procedure

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